Surewerx K1 Anti-Spark Ice Cleat with Original Profile

PCR045 MFG #: V8770160-O/S
$58.98 /
  • Applications: Cold environments
  • Brand: Surewerx
  • Color: Orange
  • Discontinued: No
  • Disposable product: No
  • Industry: Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Oil and gas, Utilities
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): SUREWERX
  • Model Number Color: PCR045_09
  • Order as needed (OAN): No
  • Product Type: Anti-slip soles and accessories
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Water resistant: Yes
Introducing the Anti-Spark Ice Cleat - INTRINSIC by K1 Series – your ultimate winter traction solution with a focus on safety. These innovative ice cleats are designed to keep you safe and mobile on icy terrain, especially in areas where combustible materials may be present. Our intrinsic design is certified to prevent sparking, making them ideal for hazardous work environments.

Key Features:

Intrinsic Safety: Proudly, we are the only fully certified intrinsic ice-cleat brand in North America. The intrinsic design is certified to prevent sparking, providing safety in areas with combustible materials.

Superior Traction: Strategically placed ice-penetrating spikes provide maximum grip on ice and snow, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Easy Transition: The easy-to-use design allows the cleats to rotate to the top of your foot, making them ideal for driving, climbing, and indoor use without needing to remove them.

Enhanced Visibility: The hi-viz adjustable strap not only delivers a perfect fit but also enhances safety in low-lit working conditions.

Durable and Comfortable: The specially formulated rubber pad offers maximum comfort and durability even in extreme cold weather conditions. However, please note that these cleats must be worn with the appropriate ESD footwear.

The Anti-Spark Ice Cleat is perfect for:

Outdoor work on icy surfaces, especially in areas with combustible materials.
Professionals in hazardous environments.
Anyone in need of secure footing in extreme winter conditions.

Product Specifications:

Application: Outdoor Surfaces
Euro Sizing: One Size Fits Most
Gender: Unisex
Grip Type: Spikes
Material: Polymer Blend
Men's UK Sizing: One Size Fits Most
Men's US Sizing: One Size Fits Most
Number of Spikes per Pair: 10
Package Quantity: 1 PR (Pair)
Profile: Original
Size: O/S (One Size Fits All)
Special Features: Flip-Up Spikes, Slip-Resistant, Tear-Resistant
Spike Material: Intrinsic
Spike Type: Molded In
Strap Colour: Red/Yellow
Strap Material: Elastic
Style: Non-Defined Heel
Style: Mid-Profile Heel
Traction Attachment Style: Strap-On
Women's UK Sizing: One Size Fits Most
Women's US Sizing: One Size Fits Most

Certifications and Standards:

Certified intrinsic design to prevent sparking in hazardous areas.