DuPont™ Tychem® 4000 Coverall with Attached Hood and Socks

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  • Brand: DuPont
  • Covid-19 related products: Yes
  • Disposable product: Yes
  • Industry: Agriculture, Construction, Food, Pharmaceutical
  • Material: Tychem 4000
  • Product Type: Coveralls
  • Protection type: Chemicals
DuPont™ Tychem® 4000 is a testament to advanced protection in the face of chemical environments. At its core, Tychem® 4000 employs Saranex™ 23-P film laminated to a robust 2.0 oz/yd2 polypropylene substrate, ensuring a fabric that stands resilient against abrasion. With a protection duration of at least 30 minutes against more than 124 chemical challenges, Tychem® 4000 is the go-to choice for diverse applications, including chemical mixing, hazardous remediation, emergency medical response, paint spraying, and even nuclear environments.

Key Features:

Superior Chemical Resistance: Taped seams bolster the garment's defense against heavy liquid splashes. The sewn seam is further reinforced with a strip of compatible chemical-resistant material, applied through heat sealing.
Respirator-Fit Hood: The attached hood, designed with elastic around the face opening, ensures coverage of the neck and chin, fitting seamlessly around a respirator face mask.
Durable Closure: A strong zipper ensures a tough, flexible closure, further protected by a storm flap. The wearer can seal the storm flap with an adhesive strip, preventing any intrusion at the zipper.
Snug Fit: Elastic openings at the wrist and ankle ensure a tighter fit, enhancing protection.
Integrated Socks: Made of the garment material, these socks are designed for comprehensive coverage.
Boot Top Flaps: The attached flaps, designed to cover boot tops, further reduce the potential for liquid intrusion.
Industry-Standard Protection: The garment meets U.S. industry requirements for blood (ASTM F1670) and viral penetration (ASTM F1671), safeguarding against several bloodborne pathogen exposure risks.

Intended Use:

Tychem® 4000 is designed for professionals who require top-tier protection against nonhazardous dry particles and light liquid splashes. Whether it's for chemical handling, hazardous remediation, emergency medical response, or nuclear environments, this garment ensures optimal protection without compromising on comfort.

Product Specifications:

Material: Saranex™ 23-P film laminated to polypropylene
Weight: 2.0 oz/yd2
Protection Duration: At least 30 minutes
Chemical Challenges: >124
Seams: Taped and heat-sealed
Closure: Zipper with storm flap

Certifications and Standards:

ASTM F1670 (Blood)
ASTM F1671 (Viral Penetration)