Fall Protection

Course Description and Goals

Unfortunately, each year many workers are injured or killed due to falls in the workplace. Falls are usually complex events that involve a variety of factors.

The good news is that there are many fall protection systems available to prevent fall hazards and injuries. But fall protection is only effective if you know how to use it.

This online fall Protection course is designed to teach you the basics for effectively using, inspecting fall protection equipment, and how to plan for situations in which fall hazards exist.

This course is designed for workers who are required to work at heights or where fall protection is required in accordance with competency-based regulations. This course is delivered entirely online.


Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion. In some jurisdictions, however, in-person practical evaluation on certified equipment in addition to the topics covered may be required to ensure regulatory compliance.


Course Length

3 Hours

Method of Course Delivery

The course will be taught entirely online.


Online test, 70% to pass.

Topics of Instruction


  • Regulations

  • Fall Statistics
  • Legal responsibilities
    • Employer Obligations
    • Employee Obligations

<Fall Protection Theory

  • Fall Hazard Identification
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Components of Fall Restraint Systems
    • Travel-Restraint System
    • Positioning System
  • Components of Fall Arrest Systems
    • Horizontal, Vertical, and Combines
  • Fall Protection Considerations
    • Calculating free fall distance and total fall distance
    • Swing Falls
    • Lifeline Angles
    • Suspension Trauma
    • Fall Protection Plans
  • Fall Protection Connecting Means and Anchorages
    • Different Types of Anchorages
    • Lanyard Selection
    • Personal Energy Absorbers
    • Self-Retracting Lifelines
    • Connecting Hardware
    • Rope-Grabs/Vertical Lifelines
  • Body Holding Devices
    • Full Body Harnesses Components and classes

Provincial certifications

This course meets the requirements for fall protection awareness in the following provinces. This is an entry level course and as such site-specific applications may require additional training combined with procedures.

Our Online Fall Protection course

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