Honeywell MAXIMUM LITE® Single-Use Corded Earplugs

OBO025 MFG #: LPF-30
$36.98 /
  • Applications: General use
  • Brand: Honeywell Howard Leight
  • Color: Green
  • Discontinued: No
  • Disposable product: Yes
  • Industry: Construction, Food, Forestery, Manufacturing, Transport and warehousing, Utilities
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): PRODUITS DE SÉCURITÉ NORTH
  • NRR dB: 30
  • Order as needed (OAN): No
  • Product Type: Disposable earplugs, Earplugs with cord
  • Quantity: 100 Pairs
  • Size: One size fits all
Honeywell Maximum Lite Earplugs redefine the experience of auditory protection. These earplugs are expertly designed to deliver unparalleled comfort and efficiency in noise reduction. The unique combination of low-pressure polyurethane foam and a contoured T-shape design makes them an ideal choice for prolonged use, especially for individuals with smaller ear canals.

Key Features

34 Decibel Single Number Rating: Offers robust protection against high noise levels.
High Visibility Design: Ensures the earplugs are easily noticeable for safety compliance.
Versatile Cord Options: Available in both corded and uncorded versions to suit various preferences and applications.
Advanced Material: Crafted from low-pressure polyurethane foam, these earplugs expand gently for a snug, comfortable fit.
Contoured T-Shape: Engineered for easy handling and secure wear, enhancing user experience.
Soil-Resistant Foam Skin: The smooth, closed-cell foam skin resists dirt build-up, maintaining hygiene.


OBO025 individually packed in a plastic bag and it's a polycord.

OBO093 individually packed in a paper bag and it's a cotton cord.

Intended Use

Honeywell Maximum Lite Earplugs are designed for a wide range of environments, from industrial workplaces like manufacturing and construction to personal use in loud events. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with smaller ear canals, providing a comfortable and secure fit without the bulkiness of standard earplugs.

Product Specifications

Single Number Rating: 34 decibel
Detectable: No
High Visibility: Yes
Corded Options: Corded/Uncorded
Material: Polyurethane Foam
Cord Color: Yellow
Earplug Shape: Contoured T-Shape

Certifications and Standards

EN 352-2-2002, ANSI S3.19-1974, AS/NZS 1270-2002
SLC80 Rating: 25 (Class 4)
Canada Class: A (L)