Royer XPAN Waterproof Winter Boots with Metguard

$452.98 /
  • Applications: Cold environments, Metal fabrication
  • Boot upper material: Leather
  • Brand: Royer
  • Canadian suppliers: Yes
  • Gender: Man
  • Height (inches): 8
  • Industry: Construction, Manufacturing, Mining
  • Lined: Yes
  • Made In Canada: Yes
  • Material: Kevlar, Leather
  • Metatarsal protection: External
  • Product Type: Safety boots with metatarsal protection, Lined safety boots, Waterproof boots
  • Protection Type: Electric shock resistant outsole, Grade 1 protective toe, Oil resistant outsole
  • Quebec suppliers: Yes
  • Safety standards: CSA Z195-2014, ASTM F2413-18
  • Toe material: Aluminium
Royer XPAN Realflex Metatarsal Boots present a harmonious blend of durability and comfort for those seeking reliable footwear in challenging environments. Crafted in Canada, these 8-inch boots are designed with a focus on protection and resilience. The waterproof full-grain leather ensures feet stay dry, while the REALFLEX external metatarsal protector offers enhanced safety. The aluminum protective toecap adds a layer of defense without the burden of excess weight.

Key Features

REALFLEX Metatarsal Protection: This innovative feature provides superior protection to the metatarsal area without sacrificing flexibility or comfort.
Aluminum Protective Toecap: Lightweight yet robust, this toecap shields against impact and compression hazards.
Waterproof Full-Grain Leather: Ensures dry and comfortable feet in wet conditions, maintaining the boot's integrity and appearance.
Dual-Density Rubber XPAN Technology: Offers a unique combination of durability and cushioning, enhancing the boot's lifespan and user comfort.
Flame Resistant KEVLAR Threads: These threads offer added protection in environments where fire hazards are present, ensuring both safety and longevity of the boot.

Intended Use

Royer XPAN Realflex Metatarsal Boots are ideal for professionals in industries like construction, manufacturing, and utilities, where foot protection is paramount. They are also suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who require robust footwear for challenging terrains.

Product Specifications

Material: Waterproof full-grain leather
Metatarsal Protector: REALFLEX external
Toecap: Aluminum protective
Sole: ARROW sole with dual-density rubber, XPAN technology
Threads: Flame resistant KEVLAR
Fastener: Velcro elastic
Lining: Leather
Footbed: V2000
Height: 8 inches
Electrical Hazard Protection: Yes

Certifications and Standards

CSA Z195-14: Certified electric-shock protection (18 kV / 60 Hz / 1 minute)
CSA Z195-14: Certified metatarsal protection (101.7 joules)
**CSA Z195-14 (Blue rectangle) Blue rectangle indicates a Grade 1 protective toecap with no puncture-resistant sole.**
ASTM F2413-18: Certified protective toecap (impact resistance of 75 ft-lbf, compression resistance of 2500 lbs)
ASTM F2413-18: Certified electric hazard protection (18 kV / 60 Hz / 1 minute)