Aspherical Polycarbonate Safety Visor 0.04" Thickness

YVI175 MFG #: EP919PFG40
$17.98 /
  • Brand: Protective Industrial Products
  • Canadian suppliers: Yes
  • Delta Last Modified: 3/3/2022 7:42:00 PM
  • Dimension (in): 9.5" x 20"
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Enrichment Status: New
  • Lens: Green
  • Lens color: Green
  • Model Number Color: YVI175_04
  • Product Type: Visors
  • Quebec suppliers: Yes
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate
Suitable for dust and impact resistant situations, as well as general grinding applications. Always wear approved eye protection in conjunction with face protection products. Molded faceshield designs provide improved optical clarity and peripheral vision. Aspherical shape is tapered at the chin for improved head/neck range of motion. Universal hole pattern will fit most headgear and hard hat adapters in the market. Ships with masking on both sides to prevent scratching.