3M™ 3900 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape

XRU058 MFG #: 7000144749
$18.98 /
  • Color: Red
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  • Manufacturer (Supplier): 3M CANADA COMPANY
  • Model Number Color: XRU058_03
  • Brand: 3M Canada
  • Product Type: Tapes and glues
Water-resistant backing seals and protects against humidity and moisture
High tensile strength cloth scrim
48 mm (2'') x 55 m (180')
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius): 93 °C

3M™ Multi-Purpose Duct Tape 3900 is an industrial-strength tape that gives you a variety of colours for identification, contrast, decoration, bundling, sealing, holding, protecting and other tough jobs. It is also used to colour code bundles of pipes and conduit, call attention to temporary repairs, secure carpet and wiring to floors and provide attractive seals on coloured surfaces.