In the event of an injury or accident, SPI provides the equipment and products you need to react quickly and effectively. From first aid kits to emergency equipment, we have something to keep your teams safe.

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Our many first aid kits include everything you need for a quick and effective intervention in case of injury. Several styles of kits are available to accommodate the number of employees you have or to meet your storage needs. For added flexibility, you can choose from plastic, metal and even nylon kits.


First aid accessories are very useful to react quickly in case of an accident. Bandages, compresses, medications, instruments, and many other products are available to ensure an effective reaction to an accident or injury.

Dressing, Bandages and Pressure Pads

Bandages are very useful for securing dressings, applying pressure, immobilizing injured or sprained body parts, or controlling bleeding. Gauze pads allow air to reach the wound, making them a perfect bandage for injuries such as burns.

Ice or Hot Pads

Cold compresses effectively limit swelling, sprains, bruises, and pain. Cold is also used to relieve headaches and minor injuries. Cold packs can be easily activated. They quickly reach very cold temperatures for pain relief. Hot packs warm the areas of the body where they are applied. They are perfect for people working in cold environments and for rapid muscle pain relief.

Gels, Cream and Ointments

These products are perfect for moisturizing and relieving chapped and sensitive skin. Dry and cracked hands will find a solution to moisturize and heal themselves. The gels help to relieve specific injuries such as minor burns. As for ointments, they accelerate the healing of minor wounds.


Cleaners can be used to disinfect various surfaces, including your hands. Disinfecting wipes are ideal for cleaning minor wounds and limiting infections.

Instruments and Accessories

In this category, you will find several tools to help you cut bandages and remove splinters, as well as bandages and other products to facilitate medical operations. Several empty boxes are available for you to carry and store your first aid kits.

Insect Repellents

To ensure that you can work without being bothered by bugs, our insect repellents are here! These products are effective in repelling a large number of insects. They are available in lotions or sprays.


Several medicines are available to relieve pain. Whether it's muscle pain, headaches, fever or dry eyes, we have a treatment for you!


When an accident occurs, it is crucial to immobilize the injured body part. SPI offers several stretchers and immobilization accessories to do this quickly and efficiently. We have products that can immobilize fingers, neck, leg, arm, and the entire body.


We have many bags and accessories specially designed to respond to trauma. They are perfect for rescuers, first responders, police officers, firefighters, paramedics and more! This equipment is made of sturdy and durable materials to withstand the most challenging conditions. Several bags are equipped with an emergency oxygen tank to respond adequately in case of trauma.


Emergency blankets provide excellent insulation for the injured or shocked person. They are ideal for bringing in the car, camping, and cottage. Some blankets are also fire retardant to protect you from the dangers of flames.


This equipment is specifically designed to perform emergency reanimation. They are mainly masks that act as a physical protection barrier during CPR first aid.


Several choices of defibrillators are available to be installed in your organization. We have a model for you, whether they are automatic or semi-automatic defibrillators! Defibrillator accessories such as wall mounts and pads are also available.


We also offer thirst-quenching drinks to keep you safe, especially on hot days. These drinks are full of electrolytes to keep you going in hot weather. Several flavors are available to quench your thirst!