Eye and Face Protection

Because your eyes are so important, it is better to protect them properly!
SPI's offer is divided into several categories of certified items to protect you at work! Safety glasses, visors, eyewash stations? You've come to the right place.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are created  to protect your eyes not only from particles and debris that may be in the air but also from many other dangerous elements such as splinters, or the sun’s UV rays.Often resistant to scratches and dust, safety glasses will allow you to accomplish your small and big jobs with a clear and sharp vision.Shop our wide range of certified safety glasses that offer a variety of features, sizes, and styles to choose from.


Do you work with chemicals that can affect your eyes and vision? Safety goggles are more waterproof and airtight on your face to prevent harmful agents from affecting you.This type of eyewear also allows you to keep your prescription glasses on and prevent fogging.

Welding Glasses and Goggles

Welding workers face unique working conditions that require equally specialized protective equipment.Welding safety glasses and safety goggles are adapted to the reality of welding and respond to the risks of UV rays and impacts.This type of eyewear also meets the norms and standards of the welding industry to keep you safe on the job.

Glasses Accessories

Every worker has their own preferences when it comes to wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE).The lens of your favorite glasses needs to be changed? No need to replace everything, get the parts you need here!Customize your safety glasses with our selection of specially designed accessories that include cases, lens covers, and replacement parts for your work glasses. 

Sideshields for Glasses

Could some debris make its way into your eyes through the side of your goggles?That's what the side shields are for! Where your glasses are no longer effective, the removable sides take over.No matter what type of safety eyewear you have, even prescription, side shields for glasses will meet your safety needs.

Brackets for Prescription Glasses

You need to wear your head and face protection, but your vision isn't clear without prescription glasses?Working with blurred vision is not safer. Having brackets for prescription glasses in your gear gives you the freedom to see well while being well protected.

Cords for Glasses

When you're on the job, the last thing you want is to lose one of your protective gear and put yourself at risk.
Cords for glasses not only allow you to hold your safety glasses so they don't fall off but also to not misplace them and always have them within reach to avoid risks all day long.

Eyewear Cases

Do you work in a dusty environment where equipment gets dirty quickly? Safety eyewear cases are a great solution! When you're not wearing your safety glasses, keep them on hand and protected from dirt with a cotton pouch or a nylon case that can be attached directly to your belt.

Lens Cover

When it comes to work, your safety glasses are not always adapted to all risks. If you are exposed to ultraviolet or infrared light, you don't need to change your glasses. Simply add adapted lens covers for a temporary solution to the risk. Browse our selection now!

Replacement Lens

Over time, your safety glasses lenses may become permanently dirty or damaged. You might even prefer another tint or color to your equipment. If your frames still work, there’s no need to change everything! Take advantage of our large selection of quality replacement lenses to give your glasses their original look.

Accessories and Parts

Over the years you have become used to your protective eyewear, but you probably need to change some parts. Restore your safety glasses to their former efficiency by replacing components that are no longer effective. Browse our selection of safety glasses accessories and parts!

Visors, Brackets and Faceshields

Does your job involve risks that could impact your head? Don't take chances and protect yourself from debris, splashes, arc flashes, and splinters.Visors and shields attach directly to your hard hat to keep safety a priority.
Find the right visor, bracket, or faceshield for you from our wide selection.


Keep your vision clear while protecting your eyes from debris, shrapnel, and other hazardous materials. Do this easily by attaching a visor to your safety helmet.The tough materials that make up the visor protect you from sudden impacts.We have the right visor for you.


Worried that your visor will slip, shift, or fall off while you work? Make sure it fits securely on your helmet by installing it with a bracket that keepss your other PPE in place. By using a visor mount, you can keep your face safe all day long. Find the right bracket for your safety helmet in our large selection.

Visor and Bracket Kit

Effective eye and face protection in just a few adjustments. A support and visor system adjusts to the shape of your face quickly to gain efficiency. Just choose the type of protection you need, and you're done! Heat, impact, or arc flash resistance? We've got the right safety visor and bracket kit for you.


A face shield protects your face from many hazards and won’t impact your vision or comfort at work. Fitting over your other head protection equipment, your face shield can protect against hazards such as heat, arc flashes, and impacts. Splashes and debris will never reach your eyes with your new face shield! Browse our wide selection today.

Arc Flash Visors

Dangerous and sudden, arc flashes are a major danger source for workers. Wearing a protective visor can not only protects you from the flashes and splinters that an arc can cause, but also from the intense heatthat comes from it.Keep your face safe and get your arc flash visor today.

Accessories and Parts

Are you comfortable with your face protection gear? No need to change it every often Just replace the parts that are in poor condition, whether it's due to wear and tear or to an accident. Stay comfortable with your equipment and replace only a few accessories or parts to bring it back to its original efficiency. Shop our selection of safety visors, brackets, and faceshields!

Welder's Faceshields

Welding is a field where face protection is essential. Our expertly certified welder's masks allow you to be comfortable all day thanks to their lightweight and ergonomic design.The tinted visors will help to keep your vision clear and keep you safe.We have the welding mask that meets your needs.

Cleaning Solutions and Wipes

When it comes to protecting yourself from workplace hazards, your vision needs to be clear. Avoid fogging up your lenses or visors by cleaning and wiping them properly with quality products.Your goggles, safety glasses, safety visors, or safety masks need to be cleaned often and we have the cleaning solutions and wipes that you need.

Lens Cleaning Wipes

Do you work in a dirty environment? Your safety can easily depend on having a clear view of your surroundings. Take a few seconds to clean your lenses or visor and see clearly on the job. Cleaning wipes are asimple and effective way to keep your vision clear of obstructions. Find your lens cleaning wipes here!

Lens Cleaning Solutions

Some stains are more persistent than others. Give your cleaning wipes a hand by adding a small amount of cleaning solution before rubbing on your safety equipment. A single spray can clean your lenses faster. Some solutions can even prevent fogging, further improving your safety on the job.

Lens Cleaning Stations

Deep cleanings are often necessary to keep your safety equipment in shape. Avoid scattering cleaning tools all over the place by installing cleaning stations. These cleaningstations are equipped with wipes and solutions to clean quickly your safety glasses.

Eyewash Stations

Because accidents happen so quickly, you need to have emergency measures at hand. In the event of a contact between your eyes and a harmful substance, every second counts! Make sure your workspace is equipped with an emergency eyewash system. Flushing with a wall-mounted, portable, or tap eyewash station is important to avoid long-term impacts to your eyes in the event of an accident. Browse our selection of emergency eyewash stations

Combination of Emergency Shower and Eyewash Stations

In the event of an accident, it is important to know where to go for emergency treatment. Combination of emergency body shower and eyewash stations give you access to a complete solution for any hazardous substance exposure problem. A few minutes can make a big difference. Browse our offer of combined emergency eyewash and shower stations.

Portable Eyewash Stations

Does your work environment not have a dedicated area for emergency treatment due to lack of space or resource? If your work environment doesn’t have a dedicated area for eyewash stations, then portable eyewash stations are the solution for you. With no need for running water or large spaces, this subtle and easily integrated option in the workplace provides a point of access to emergency care in the event of contact with a hazardous substance in seconds, regardless of location.

Faucet-mounted Eyewash Stations

Quickly turn one of your workplace faucets into an emergency eyewash station. With very little adjustment, you get a quick and effective treatment tool for eye injuries. Browse our selection of faucet-mounted eyewash stations today.

Wall-mounted Eyewash Stations

An access point to clean water is the only thing you need to install a wall-mounted eyewash station. This device is an effective solution to respond quickly to direct eye injuries.Because an injury happens so quickly, have the solution in sight.

Eyewash Accessories and Parts

A poorly maintained eyewash sation can make the emergency situation you face worse.Equip yourself properly. Parts may be due for replacement or other accessories may simply make it easier to use in the event of an accident. We have what you need! Browse our selection of eyewash stations accessories and parts.

Eyewash Solutions and Additives

Eyewash stations are the ultimate resource for eye health after an accident. If you don’t have access to one, having an eyewash solution on hand is a quick solution that allow you to safely rinse your eyes with quality and certified products. Browse our selection of eyewash solutions and additives

Eyewash Solutions

When a harmful substance comes into contact with a worker's eyes, it is important to rinse them with a pure and suitable solution. Why is this important? Because when you rinse and remove impurities, you don't want to add more impurities at the same time. Rinsing solutions allow you to have quick access to what you need to avoid long-term problems following exposure to a contaminant. Browse our selection of emergency eyewash solutions here!

Empty Bottles

A contaminant incident can happen at any time, no matter what industry you are in. That's why having an empty bottle filled with sterilized water on hand can come in handy in case of an emergency! A little pressure to spray water on the affected area can help more than you think. Browse our selection of empty eyewash bottles


You’rere not sure about the water qualityyou can use in case of an eye emergency at your workplace? No worries, a little additive is all you need! This type of solution allows you to instantly purify water by eliminating traces of algae, fungus and other contaminants.

Saline Concentrate

Do you want quick access to a solution that is more effective than running water for rinsing eyes that have come into contact with a harmful substance? It' s possible thanks to the saline bottles specially designed to keep the content sterile.Saline bottles are a great solution to have on hand.