Foot protection

Time to protect your feet! Browse our great variety of foot protection so you can choose what’s best for you. Our wide selection of work boots, safety shoes, overshoes, hip boots, accessories, and any other type of foot protection will keep your feet safe while working.

Hip boots and high boots

Hip boots are designed to protect you from water or wet conditions and to keep your feet warm in cold settings. Designed for work, they’re great for agriculture, fishing, hunting, forestry, and manufacturing. Whether you’re working in wet areas or just checking out the pond, these hip boots and chest waders are sure to get the job done! Choose from a variety of materials, heights, and protection to ensure complete protection and comfort.

Work boots

Your feet are one of your most important tools. Make sure you protect them with the right footwear. Whether you’re working outdoors or indoors, we have work boots that will protect your feet against all kinds of hazards and that have comfort features that fit your specific needs. Browse our wide selection of work boots that are compliant with federal and provincial legislation.

Lined work boots

Cold temperatures are no match for these lined work boots. Engineered to keep your feet warm in the cold winter months, these CSA-approved winter work boots offer several safety and comfort features. Whether you need extreme weather resistance or a slight warmth to keep your feet comfortable all day, we have the right work boot for you.

Work boots with metatarsal protector

We know that when you work in harsh conditions, safety is your priority. Work boots with metatarsal protectors keep your toes, metatarsal bones, and joints protected against impact, compression injuries, and sharp objects. Robust and sturdy, these work boots with metatarsal protectors offer either internal or external metatarsal protectors to make sure you choose the right fit.

Waterproof work boots

Don’t settle for wet socks. Working all day with damp feet is not only distracting but can be very uncomfortable. If you work outdoors or in humid conditions, it’s important to have the right kind of waterproof work boots. Make sure you’re covered with our wide selection of waterproof work boots that will keep your feet dry and protected on the job.

Boots for specific applications

Do you need work boots with specific safety or comfort characteristics? We've got some great options for you. Browse our selection of CSA- approved work boots for specific applications. You’ll find forestry boots, miners boots, and fire protection boots. No matter what your occupation, we've got the boots you need to get the job done.

Forestry boots

Designed with forestry workers’ needs in mind, these forestry work boots are made for long days in rough terrain and wet conditions. Robust, durable, and comfortable, they’re built to protect you from the specific hazards you face on the job. Browse our CSA-approved boots created just for you.

Miner’s boots

Made for the underground. Built for miners. These boots were designed with the needs of our miner friends in mind, where comfort, support, and protection all meet. These CSA-approved work boots are built to protect you in harsh environments.

Fire protection boots

These fire protection boots are created with the needs of workers in mind. Made to protect against hazardous materials, they are comfortable and lightweight giving you the confidence to face any situation. Browse our CSA-approved boots created just for you.

Safety shoes

Keep your feet feeling safe and protected on the job with our selection of safety shoes. Find your CSA-approved footwear designed to protect your feet against a wide variety of injuries.

Safety running shoes

When you’re on your feet all day, every day, you need a safety shoe that can go the distance. These safety running shoes are designed to stand up to tough conditions and long days on your feet. Choose from our selection of safety running shoes that will keep you comfortable and protected for day-long work days on your feet.


Great to keep your work environment clean, to stop the spread of bacteria, and to keep you on your feet, overshoes are a great piece of equipment to have on hand. Nylon overshoes will keep the wet out and will provide another layer of insulation−perfect for cold settings. Rubber overshoes protect your feet from liquids and do not conduct electricity. Disposable shoe covers are easy to don on and off and help avoid slips. Find the right fit!

Nylon overshoes

The perfect companion for bad weather, nylon overshoes are great for workers who need a little more protection and warmth in cold settings. They help to add traction on icy ground, keep the wet out and the warmth in, and to protect your work boots in any environment. Browse our selection of nylon overshoes to find the right fit for your feet.

Rubber overshoes

Rubber overshoes are a must for any wet weather conditions. They will keep your feet dry in any kind of work setting, provide slip protection, and are great to wear if you work near high-voltage areas since they do not conduct electricity. See our selection here!

Limited use overshoes

Disposable shoe covers are a must-have in every toolbox. Whether you're working in manufacturing, on car engines, or building furniture, these slip-on garments will prevent potentially dangerous material from coming in contact with your feet. They fit snugly over a variety of shoe styles and sizes.

Work boot footwear accessories

A great pair of work boots is not complete without a choice of accessories. And we know that the right accessories can make all the difference when it comes to staying comfortable all day long. Shop socks, laces, foot warmers, removable liners, comfortable soles, anti-slip soles, and more that will keep your feet protected on the job.


Find the right pair of socks for your needs. We offer thermal work socks that will keep you warm on cold winter days, cushioned work socks to add comfort to your feet, and many other choices with different characteristics that will ensure comfort and protection all day long.

Comfortable soles and cushions

Browse through these soles and cushions that are a great addition to your work boots. They will make your boots feel brand new, adding comfort for day-long wear on the job.


Shop these work boot laces and safety shoe laces, made to provide your feet with the right fit.

Shoes and boots maintenance

Keeping your work boots and safety shoes like new is easier than you think. We have the right products for any situation that will keep them in top condition. Browse our shoes and work boots maintenance.

Anti-slip soles and accessories

Want to keep your footing on slippery surfaces? You'll want anti-slip soles. With a variety of styles, technologies, and colors, you're sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Foot warmers

Cold feet are a thing of the past. Simply slip these foot warmers into work boots or safety shoes for warmth that lasts up to 10 hours.

Removable liners

Shop our selection of removable liners for work boots, that offers comfort and warmth, even in cold settings.

Other accessories

Find everything you were−or weren’t looking for to complete your footwear protection. Browse these other accessories made for work boots and safety shoes.