Safety Harness

When the only defense between safety and a fall is your harness, it's in your best interest to choose it correctly. Our fall safety equipment offering allows you to find the one that meets the specific needs of your job tasks. Browse our inventory of safety harnesses now.


No matter how strong the harness is, you need to make sure your attachment to the structure will support your weight in the event of a fall. Safety lanyards give you the confidence to work at heights knowing that certified protective equipment is holding you in place. Find your safety lanyard right here.

Sock-Absorbing Lanyards

No matter how strong the harness is, you need to make sure your attachment to the structure will support your weight in the event of a fall. Safety lanyards give you the confidence to work at heights knowing that certified protective equipment is holding you in place. Find your safety lanyard right here.

Restraint and Positioning Lanyards

The safe worker is always a priority, but this is even more true at heights where a single wrong step can have huge consequences. Restraint and positioning lanyards are essential to keep you where your safety is guaranteed.

Self-retracting lifelines

To ensure your comfort and efficiency at work while keeping you safe at heights, self-retracting lifelines extend and retract as you move. With your self-retracting lifeline, no movement will hinder you and your safety while working at height.


Our wide range of self-retracting lifelines give you the range of motion you need to get the job done and stay effective on the job. Take the discomfort out of your fall protection equipment and equip yourself with a quality self-retracting lifeline.


Do you work in a field where working at height and sharp edges are often present at the same time? Don't let the risks take over your safety at heights and get a self retracting life lanyard created specifically to resist sharp edges and protect you from falls today.


Are you trained to perform rescues, but have a regular retractable lifeline? We have custom-made lifelines to assist you in an emergency. Reinforced ropes up to 50 feet in length are recommended for safe rescues. Good thing we have them! Find yours from our large selection.


Working at heights puts the worker at the mercy of the quality of his equipment. Our insurance rope offering puts your safety first with quality products.

Horizontal Lifeline

Our horizontal lifelines keep you safe when you are at height. Find the right lifeline for your needs in our wide selection.

Rope grabs

Rope grabs with energy absorbers can save your life in the event of a fall and are a height safety essential. To find yours, browse the category below!

Recovery and rescue

Accidents happen so quickly, and despite good will and effective training, equipment is essential to ensure an effective rescue. Explore our offer of recovery and rescue equipment today!

Rescue Kit

No matter the rescue conditions or emergency environments, a rescue system can truly save the life of a worker in distress. Help with confidence with your rescue system.

Davit Arm System

The Davit arm System is used to retrieve distressed workers in confined or elevated environments. Equipped with 5,000 pounds at the anchor point, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of your gurney system.

Rescue Ladder

Need a quality ladder and need to use it quickly? SPI has what you need in stock to meet your height protection needs.

Rescue Winch

When a worker's safety hangs by a thread, you might as well make sure it's a strong one. SPI's rescue winches guarantee safety during a rescue operation.

Recovery and Rescue Accessories

Do you need to change parts of your rescue systems to maintain their certification? We have what you need! Find the parts and accessories you need now!

Rescue Tripod

Your support in hazardous situations such as confined spaces or working at height must be certified and in very good condition. It could save your life or the life of a co-worker if a rescue is necessary. Get yours from SPI's selection of rescue tripods.


When attaching your fall protection systems, you need to make sure that your anchor connector meets your needs and that in the event of an accident, it will withstand the weight and impact caused by the fall. Choose the one that works with your work environment through the SPI offer.

Anchors for Beams and Steel Structures

Do you work at heights in environments where your only solid support may be in steel? Equip yourself with custom-made anchors for this type of material to ensure your safety.

Anchors for Concrete

You need to install your anchoring systems in concrete? Nothing could be safer than with equipment designed specifically for concrete. Get yours now.

Anchors for Roofing

Need to secure your work at height by holding onto a roof? We have what you need to tie you down properly! Find your anchors now.


When it comes to securing yourself when working at heights, you can't rely solely on your good behavior. Your equipment must be up to date with the latest safety standards and quality. Find the anchors that are right for you, of the quality you deserve.

Safety belts

You can't be too safe when it comes to working at heights. Equipment such as a safety belt allows you to work safely, confidently and also more efficiently. Choose your safety belt now.

Guardrail and safety nets

Working at heights is risky enough without having to worry about lack of support or visibility. Guardrails and safety nets ensure that you don't miss support and that those around you are on the lookout. Secure your workspace now.


Equipping yourself to work at heights is not always easy. However, our fall protection equipment accessories make your life easier. Store from several selections of accessories such as lanyards for tools, carabiners, bags and pouches, comfort equipment and more.

Comfortable Equipment for Harness

This category includes several comfort pads that fit into safety harnesses to provide the worker with optimal comfort. These products are designed to improve your comfort when you have to work at height in a harness.

Cables and Lanyards for Tools Holders

Cable and lanyards for tools are specifically designed to prevent tools from falling off the worker when suspended at height. These products can be used for almost all tools and equipment. It is important to verify the maximum capacity of these lanyards.


You will find a large selection of quality carabiners for all your fall protection needs.

Bags, Pouches and Cases

To bring your equipment and tools with you when working at heights, you need a bag, a pouch or a case designed for this task. Our different products allow you to have easy access to your tools, but also to prevent them from falling out thanks to secure closures.

Safety Straps and Extensions

Safety straps and extensions allow a worker who has fallen to reposition and stand upright to relieve the pressure that has built up in the legs. These straps can be quickly and easily attached to most harnesses.

Load Binders

The use of load binders is essential to ensure safe tension when straps are used intensively.

Other Accessories

In this section, you will find many useful products to complement your fall protection. Whether it's carabiners, adapters, brackets or other items, you're sure to find something to maximize the effectiveness of your fall protection equipment.