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Many industrial settings and different sectors of activities produce some of the most dangerous working environments. Depending on the line of work you’re in, there are several dangers you may face while on the job.

Many organizations want to ensure that they have the most suitable personal protective equipment to keep their employees safe, to reduce injuries, and to prevent contamination.

Every industry has its realities and stakes, and wearing the right protective clothing will limit the severity of injuries and help avoid breakage and serious rashes.

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Hazard removal, engineering, and administrative procedures are not always thoroughly effective, and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be considered as a key component of a good occupational health and safety (OHS) program.

Many worksites hold a variety of electrical work hazards, illustrating the increasing need for FR clothing. In a flash fire context, flame-resistant (FR) clothing provides further protection:

  • Resistance against melting onto skin
  • Resistance against ignition
  • Provides thermal insulation from heat
  • Resistance against breakage
  • Reduction in burn injury

High-Visibility Apparel

Individuals who work around moving vehicles or equipment must be easily noticeable, especially in low-light conditions or darkness.

The CSA Standard Z96: High-Visibility Safety Apparel stipulates the need for an occupational garment that provides its user with conspicuity in hazardous environments to alert vehicle operators and workers on site of their presence.

Multi-Hazard Protection

You can often find thermal hazards in a work environment where there is also poor visibility, resulting in a need for both FR and high-visibility protection. Workers must be careful - even if it is worn over flame-resistant clothing, high-visibility apparel can easily ignite, burn, and even melt if exposed to heat and flame.

To solve this problem, FR clothing manufacturers developed high-visibility FR clothing that meets the current requirements. Now available in a variety of styles of vests, T-shirts, jackets and beyond, high-visibility FR clothing is a safety game changer for workers in various industries.

High-Visibility Insulated Overall

  • Two-way extra heavy-duty Nomex® taped brass zipper, covered
  • Elastic braces with non-conductive adjustment devices
  • Hidden snap closure
  • Five large pockets added
  • Double reinforced knees
  • Full Nomex® taped brass ankle to hip brass zippers and concealed snap closures
  • Inside zipper guards on all zippers
  • 360° visibility with front and back 2" 3M silver reflective striping around leg calves - CSA Z96 compliant
  • Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 43 calories/cm²
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High-Visibility Bomber Jacket

  • Separating, heavy-duty, Nomex® taped brass zipper, fully covered with two-layer storm flap, concealed snap closure
  • Two large external patch pockets with concealed snap closure, with hand warmer, one inside chest pocket
  • Deep-pleated action back
  • Full tunneled elasticized waistband
  • Inside zipper guards on all zippers
  • 360 visibility with front and back 2" flame-resistant silver reflective striping - CSA Z96 compliant
  • Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 30 calories/cm²
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High-Visibility Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Rib knit collar and set-in sleeves
  • Full side seam gusset
  • Concealed pencil stall sleeve pocket
  • 2" segmented heat seal reflective striping - CSA Z96 compliant
  • Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 8.2 calories/cm²
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