SPI SafeDay

Our new app is here!

Wanting to contribute to the collective effort of the fight against Covid-19, SPI is thrilled to introduce you to SPI SafeDay, your new tool designed and created to help you keep an eye on the health and safety of your team.

The SPI SafeDay mobile application is the ideal tool for managing the hygiene measures implemented by your company to allow you to limit the risks of propagation of Covid-19 or any other infectious disease.

What you need to know:

  • Covid-19 symptom monitoring on mobile (IOS and Android)
  • 3 predefined questions and addition of custom questions to meet your needs
  • Daily report available on a computer for the internal tool administrator
  • Encrypted and confidential company data
  • Unlimited number of employees in one account

Here are the next step if you want to open an SPI SafeDay company account

Request a company account

Simply fill in the form "Open a SPI SafeDay account" to request the opening of your company account. Someone from our team will then send you your credentials within 48 hours.

Share the app

If you’re a worker and you would like your company to use this application, send this link to your HR or OHS manager so they can request the opening of a SPI SafeDay account.

Log in

Your company already has an account and you’re the administrator? Log in here.

*The app is designed to be used by companies. If you’re interested in acquiring this app, your organization must request the opening of an account.

The perks:

Improved management with history and KPI's
Increased control
Reduced risk of propagation
Simple, quick and intuitive application

Is your company registered on SPI SafeDay? Download the application now!

Download the SPI SafeDay app on iPhone

Download the SPI SafeDay app on Android

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