Hearing Protection Fit Testing

With our hearing protection fit testing, we offer the opportunity to adapt your hearing protection equipment to your ear's shape and select the most efficient model according to your work environment and noise exposure level.

Why should you perform hearing protection fit testing?

Fit tests are providing the right equipment for each worker and are adapted to every professional reality.

In the short term, an efficient and sealed up protection allows:

  • A more productive completion of tasks
  • Improved focus and efficiency
  • A reduction of accidents

In the long term, a well-equipped worker is safe from occupational deafness, or less likely to suffer from it, or any other negative elements impacting their health and wellness.

What aspects of your hearing protection equipment should you evaluate?

  • Adaptation level (to the work environment)
  • Protection
  • Compatibility of equipment
  • Comfort
  • Material selection
  • Ease of listening and communicating using the equipment

Is hearing protection fit testing ensuring the long-term ear health of your worker?

Obviously, hearing protection fit testing offers protection for workers subject to different noise levels to which they may be exposed in their work environments.

However, it is crucial to inspect the work environment to detect noises at the source and analyze the area to reduce the volume as much as possible.

You can take advantage of the services offered by the hearing protection experts at SPI and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the noises in your workplaces.

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