Confined Space Safety

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Workers are often and unnecessarily exposed to hazards while working in confined spaces.

These can include:

  • Atmospheric hazards (oxygen deficiency, explosive gasses, toxic gasses, silica, lead, asbestos)
  • Chemical hazards (controlled products, chemical residue)
  • Biological hazards (mold, bacterial, sewage)
  • Physical hazards (noise, thermal, structural, mechanical, electrical, adjacent piping, entrapment)

You can find confined spaces in many work environments. Companies who own or enter confined spaces must develop a confined space program that includes an inventory of all confined spaces in the workplace, a hazard assessment for each confined space requiring entry, and entry and rescue procedures before starting work.

We offer a complete range of confined space services to help keep your workers safe. Our experts are here to offer support, answer your questions, and help you implement a confined space entry and rescue program.

Confined Spaces Services

Our confined space services

Take advantage of our complete confined space offer:

  • Consultation and Program Development
  • Identification and Inventory
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Entry and Rescue Procedures
  • Training
  • Rescue Services
  • Software Solutions
  • Equipment Sales, Rentals, Maintenance Services

The SPI difference

Safety consulting confined space - certified specialists

A team of certified specialists, dedicated to confined spaces.

Safety consulting confined space - Projects expertise

Expertise built while working on thousands of projects carried out for numerous clients in varying industries.

Confined space safety - Tackle complex problems

Outstanding ability to tackle complex problems and create unique solutions.

Improve your methods when working in confined spaces

  • Ensure your compliance with the most recent Provincial or Federal confined space regulations.
  • Ensure your confined space program employs Canadian best practices and standards including CSA Z1006.
  • Ensure you have a complete inventory of confined spaces that have been identified and assessed by qualified experts.

Our approach

Confined space safety - Training and coaching

Training and coaching tailored for your specific requirements and unique work environment.

Confined space safety consulting - Personalized approach

A hands-on competency-based approach.

Confined space safety consulting - Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service that places great emphasis on the respect of people, delays, and budgets.

Solutions and services for working in confined spaces


SPI Health and Safety provides certified training for a variety of competency levels including awareness, entry, standby attendant, permit writing, and rescue.

Our experienced team of trainers has certified thousands of workers across Canada and helped hundreds of companies achieve safety compliance.

Training is provided at our state-of-the-art training centers, at your location with our mobile training simulators, at your workplace, virtually, online, or a combination of them.

Contact us at 1-877-544-0911 to register or discuss your unique requirements.


Confined space training
Confined space - Browse wide selection of protective equipment

Let’s talk equipment

Get the protection you and your workers need most. Browse our wide selection of protective equipment.

This wide variety of products and trusted brands ensures you’ll find the gear you and your employees will be happy to wear.


Are you searching for a temporary solution?

Our Rental Service is available across Canada, providing you with the specialized products you need for as long as you require.

We have the equipment complying with your projects.


Rental safety equipment available

Our team of specialists intervenes on many levels to secure your installations and protect your people.

  • Locate the confined spaces in your workplace.
  • Inspect your systems and equipment according to the highest standards.
  • Identify and perform the most appropriate interventions according to your needs and reality.
  • Analyze the risks found in your confined spaces and generate:
    • detailed procedures for work and rescue;
    • confined space entry permits;
    • recommendation reports for providing you with the optimal equipment, anchorage, etc.
  • Develop and validate consistent entry and rescue procedures to standardize your process.
  • Advise your leaders on the best implementation and monitoring strategies.
  • Provide supervisors, issuers and/or rescuers for confined space entry.
  • Propose solutions to complex work or rescue situations in confined spaces.
  • Perform a diagnosis of your confined spaces program to assess its flaws and deficiencies:
    • Confined space risk assessment and management;
    • Entry program;
    • Entry and rescue procedures;
    • Action plan;
    • Implementation strategies.
  • Draw, install and inspect anchorage points
  • Implement and follow procedures.

SPI Health and Safety has developed two applications offering computerized management of your confined space entry program; ROM and

Our applications will allow you to:

  • Release you from your concerns and technological constraints;
  • Reduce questions during confined space entries;
  • Maximize confined space risk management;
  • Cut permit issuance and entry preparation times;
  • Promote autonomy.
  • SPI Health and Safety has all the appropriate specialized equipment for the inspection and certification of the specialized equipment for confined space entry and rescue. 
  • Our team is accredited to perform the inspection of your wall and ground anchorage points.
  • We also own many mobile service trucks (SAM) available to perform inspections directly at your workplace.

How safe is your workplace?

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