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Working at SPI means choosing to make a difference.

"What motivates me to work in health and safety is helping people. In terms of comprehensive protection, I like to find solutions. I like to innovate, so that's part of what keeps me interested in working at SPI."

Senior Advisor/Trainer

We hire people who have “GRIP”

To be successful at SPI, we have identified four necessary attitudes that every employee or future employee must have. These are summed up by the word "GRIP", with each letter representing an attitude.


Great Place to Work: As of 2022, SPI is officially certified as GPTW!

This certification is based on ratings provided by our employees in an in-depth, confidential survey about their experience working at SPI Health and Safety.

Despite its national success, people's well-being remains at the heart of the company's culture.



Training is one of our priorities. When employees are hired, they all receive online training to familiarize themselves with the company and its products and services via online training.

Training is an ongoing process at SPI Health and Safety, so employees continue to receive regular training from suppliers as well as in-house and outside instructors.

In addition, the company reimburses some continuing education expenses for employees who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in their field of activity or a related field.

Career Opportunities

When you join our team, the career opportunities available in our various departments and branches are endless. We publish information about open positions on our intranet to facilitate every employee’s career development and professional growth.


Connection Committee

To make a difference by offering tools and/or financial support to our employees going  through a difficult period. SPI Connection also wishes to support causes in which our  employees are personally involved.




Applying to SPI Health and Safety was the most crucial decision in my professional and personal development. Over the years, my managers trusted me, believed in my skills, strengths, and leadership qualities, and valued my ideas.

After 16 years with SPI, I was promoted internally in 6 different departments and positions. I can testify that the company has enabled me to progress in a positive and stimulating working environment offering many opportunities for development and career advancement. Through coaching and training, SPI has helped me to enrich and increase my skills and to prosper within the company.

I am very happy and grateful for the evolution of my career path and to now hold a management position within SPI. In my eyes, my career path is remarkable, and I’m proud to work for a company that stands out like SPI.

– Dominique Sisler

I came to SPI 13 years ago with the mandate to build a centralized customer service center. During that time, I grew from supervisor to manager to director and participated in many projects that have shaped the SPI of today. I worked closely with most departments, and my role in the Customer Service Center took me across the country to meet with employees, clients and vendors. These experiences taught me a lot about our business, sharpened my leadership skills and prompted me to step out of my comfort zone. I met great people along the way who mentored me and gave me the confidence necessary to forge ahead. Today, as I transition to another phase of my work life, I hold a different position as Training Content Expert in the Customer Success Department. I have chosen to make a difference by focusing on developing training material for new and existing SPI employees. This new role is exactly where I want to be at this stage of my life. It allows for flexibility, speaks to my creativity, and enables me to continue collaborating with many different departments, learn and work with new technology while reducing my workweek and working from home.

- Nancy Belair

In 2016, when I joined SPI Health and Safety, I was asked to give a real helping hand from an operational point of view to the technical departments. At the time, one person was in charge of all material and personnel management. That’s when I was appointed Technical Services Coordinator.

I quickly had to take on personnel management responsibility, particularly regarding replacements, departures and welcoming new employees. At the same time, I was responsible for developing the department’s organizational processes.

It wasn’t long before I had to hire a new coordinator, as the department was expanding and the amount of work was constantly increasing. In less than a year, and following the restructuring of departments within the company, the managers entrusted me with part of the project of integrating all the new coordinators into the technical departments. I had just been promoted to Operations Supervisor for SPI’s Technical Services.

With some fifteen employees now under my responsibility, my mandate is to help restructure and harmonize the processes of SPI’s entire technical services department. It’s a real professional challenge, as I’ve never had to manage employees directly before. In previous jobs, I’d had to give instructions to colleagues and draw up their schedules, but I’d never managed a department’s entire human resources.

Since my promotion, my tasks, my team and the challenges I face have changed a little, but I’ve held this position with pride and professionalism since 2017.

- Karine Poussier

I came to SPI to help support the front-end store and warehouse shipping needs. Throughout the years, I have been allowed to grow and learn in many different roles — and SPI has always supported me throughout my development. Growing in this way has also allowed me to learn and understand different roles throughout the company, which has helped me to better support customers, as I know the ins and outs of SPI.

- Conrad Mitchell

In 2004, I was approached by a recruitment firm for an HR position at SPI. I didn’t know the company very well, but I was curious, so I agreed to meet the President, Martin Tremblay. His vision for the company and his values convinced me that SPI was the place for me.

Passionate about HR, I worked as an HR Director for nine years. During those years, I often discussed the future, my interests and my development with Martin. I was interested in practically every department. Having different interests, an operational side and with Martin believing in my abilities, SPI gave me my chance in operations as GM of the fire division. I was excited but also a little apprehensive. Was it an easy road? NO. Did I learn and grow? YES. The best advice I was given when I started this job: “In the first few months, there will be mornings when you ask yourself what you did? Why did you change? Why leave comfort behind? But don’t worry, because after a while, all that will pass, and you’ll feel grown up.” Those mornings came and went, but after a year, I felt I was in the right place. The discussions between Martin and me continued, and we talked about the next challenge: sales/marketing, an area I hadn’t touched that much. So, after three years in the fire division, I decided to accept the position of VP, Customer Solutions. After three years in this position, I was awarded the position of COO and then, in 2020, that of President.

After all these years at SPI, I’m as motivated as I was on day one, and even more so, I’d say. I’m a person who thrives on challenges and variety, and SPI has motivated me in that respect. The company is ready to offer many opportunities, and it’s up to each and every one of us to seize them.

- Kim Levesque

I joined the SPI family in 1997, in what I thought was just a student job. I started in customer service, the foundation of SPI’s success. Later, I was entrusted with managing a branch, then another that required a move to Trois-Rivières, and then on to the greater Montreal area. New challenges, new people, new projects—SPI has always excited me with the sheer number of opportunities within the same organization. I’ve held 7 or 8 different roles during my 25 years of service, and I’ve always accepted new challenges, allowing me to explore new areas of the company. I’ve been in our customer service center, in technical services, and now back in sales for a few years, and I’m still passionate about our great achievements. It’s not always easy when an organization is growing, but it keeps us alive and allows us to continue with personal and professional growth projects! At SPI, we feel we are listened to, and the “where there’s a will, there’s a way” really applies!

- Éric Thibeault

In a job, I look for a supportive environment where I can challenge myself and grow. With SPI, I immediately felt like part of the team and that my opinion mattered. I am proud to work for a company that recognizes the importance of safety and allows employees to be a part of a growing national team.

- Melanie Molnar

My arrival at SPI in 2010 was a highlight for me. I was initially charmed by my interview, integration process, and team.

The following years allowed me to work on stimulating projects, pursue my continuing education and gain recognition for my expertise. I’ve been fortunate to develop my career from a marketing consultant to director and then a member of the executive committee.

I’m proud to be part of an ambitious company at a human scale that believes in its people and wants their talents to shine. I would recommend SPI without hesitation to anyone looking to develop and build their career.

- Isabelle Delphine

I’ve been with SPI for almost five years. It’s an environment that combines unique challenges with the perfect amount of coaching and autonomy for me to succeed. The leadership at SPI has encouraged me to develop areas of my expertise while giving me plenty of opportunities to learn from other departments. It’s a business that works with one’s strengths and builds each person up to their full potential. SPI is a large company with an inclusive, family feel. I am proud to work here and appreciate the opportunities for growth and success they provide.

- Brent Knull

Work Environment

Working at SPI also means enjoying work spaces designed to promote your well-being and creativity.


Meeting rooms that emphasize on innovation and creativity.


A fully equipped gym available for free to all SPI employees.


Training and simulation facilities integrated to the Blainville offices for formation and observation.


A few things that all employees can enjoy!

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Under Ontario's Accessible Employment Standard, accessibility accommodations are available to all our applicants.