Respiratory protection training

Respiratory protection training

SPI Health and Safety provides a training program specifically for respiratory protection and occupational hygiene, to ensure compliance for hazard identification and the application of protective measures according to CSA Z94.4 standard Selection, Use and Care of Respirators.

Respiratory protection training program for your stakeholders
Overview of the content (theoretical and practical components):

  • Introduction to respiratory protection
  • Requirements applicable to respiratory protection
  • Specific requirements indicated in your respiratory protection program
  • Fit testing standard requirements (mask fit test, mask fit training, ...)
  • The air-purifying respirator (APR) targeted by the respiratory protection program (RPP)
  • Prerequisites for using APRs
  • Proficiency verification of the users (inspections, putting on the equipment, seal)
  • Organization
  • Concerns and issues associated with the fit testing of the equipment
  • Use of the selected APR and fit testing devices
  • Conduct fit testing on APRs

Training program for your respiratory protection stakeholders
Overview of the content (theoretical and practical components):

  • Regulatory requirements and standards: CSA Z94.4 standard, OSHA requirements, as well as multiple standards applicable to air quality and noise
  • Hazard identification
  • Preventive measures
  • Air-purifying respirator
  • Supplied air respirator
  • Self-contained respirator
  • Selection of a respiratory protection apparatus
  • Fit testing of respiratory protection apparatus
  • Maintenance, cleaning and storage of respiratory protection equipment
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