Occupational hygiene - The recipe for prevention

The health and safety of workers is an essential factor in a company’s success and sustainability. Occupational hygiene is an expertise that not only reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace but also eliminates them in the long run.

Who should be involved in occupational hygiene?

All industries are concerned with hygiene since risks are found everywhere. Anyone can benefit from effective prevention at work, whether on a construction site, in an office or at home.

At SPI, we use a strict and rigorous scientific methodology combined with experience to identify potential hazards, exposures or risks.

How can SPI help you?

Many aspects of workplace safety can be analyzed, and therefore, improved;

  • Anticipation
  • Recognition
  • Evaluation
  • Communication
  • Control

What can go wrong when prevention is flawed?

Ineffective prevention can lead to injuries and illnesses both in the short and long term, in addition to putting workers and those around them at risk.

Services offered at SPI

We are pleased to assist you so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, SPI can support you.

Through our 360 solution, you can use our services and training online, at our branches or even directly at your company.

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