Confined space programs, training and risk assessment

Are you aware of the areas or equipment considered confined spaces in your workplace? Have you completed the risks assessment? What are the entry procedures and the rescue plan? Are the equipments maintained properly? Does your confined space program comply with provincial and federal norms and regulations? What type of training should you provide to your employees?

Improve your methods when working in confined spaces

  • Enhance your practices with our complete offering: consulting, training, software application, inspection, sales and rentals of specialized equipment.
  • Ensure your work teams comply with the most recent confined space policies and regulations: CSA Z1006 standard and OHSA requirements.
  • Secure your activities with a risk analysis and complete confined space program in your company.
  • Comply with your internal and corporate audit requirements with an inventory supported by our experts.
  • Identify hazards more easily.
  • Reduce your accident risks.
  • Be ready to effectively respond to incidents.

The best team of stakeholders in Canada

  • A team of certified specialists, dedicated to confined spaces.
  • Expertise built on thousands of interventions carried out at both private and public clients.
  • "A-la-carte" services in “coaching” and/or “turnkey” methods in conjunction with the implementation strategy and the follow-up of the lockout program.
  • Flexible and personalized approach.
  • Exceptional customer service that places great emphasis on the respect of people, delays and budgets.
  • Outstanding ability to tackle complex problems that others were unable to resolve.
  • Recognized experience in several sectors of activity; mining and metals, construction, food industry, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, transport, public and para-public agencies, pulp and paper, chemical, manufacturing, energies, etc.

Confined space solutions and services

Our team of specialists intervenes on many levels to secure your installations and protect your people.

  • Locate the confined spaces in your workplace.
  • Inspect your systems and equipment according to the highest standards.
  • Identify and perform the most appropriate interventions according to your needs and reality.
  • Analyze the risks found in your confined spaces and generate:
    • detailed procedures for work and rescue;
    • confined space entry permits;
    • recommendation reports for providing you with the optimal equipment, anchorage, etc.
  • Develop and validate consistent entry and rescue procedures to standardize your process.
  • Advise your leaders on the best implementation and monitoring strategies.
  • Provide supervisors, issuers and/or rescuers for confined space entry.
  • Propose solutions to complex work or rescue situations in confined spaces.
  • Perform a diagnosis of your confined spaces program to assess its flaws and deficiencies:
    • Confined space risk assessment and management;
    • Entry program;
    • Entry and rescue procedures;
    • Action plan;
    • Implementation strategies.
  • Draw, install and inspect anchorage points
  • Implement and follow procedures.

SPI Health and Safety offers all training for confined space work and rescue. We have more than 20 years of various key achievements, and to date, more than 30,000 people were trained in every activity sector. Our confined space courses are accredited by most major clients.

We are offering practical and tailored training using different approaches for entrants, attendants, permit issuers, contaminant samplers, managers, rescuers, etc. each of them adapted to your reality. They are provided by experienced trainers, all dedicated to confined space.

For more information about our confined space training, click here.

SPI Health and Safety has developed two applications offering computerized management of your confined space entry program; ROM and

Our applications will allow you to:

  • Release you from your concerns and technological constraints;
  • Reduce questions during confined space entries;
  • Maximize confined space risk management;
  • Cut permit issuance and entry preparation times;
  • Promote autonomy.
  • SPI Health and Safety has all the appropriate specialized equipment for the inspection and certification of the specialized equipment for confined space entry and rescue. 
  • Our team is accredited to perform the inspection of your wall and ground anchorage points.
  • We also own many mobile service trucks (SAM) available to perform inspections directly at your workplace.

SPI Health and Safety is the largest private distributor dedicated to confined space products in Canada. Whether you are searching for our Kosto brand products or any recognized national brands, you will find what you are looking for.

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