COVID-19: Plexiglass Protective Screens

The installation of our protective screens is a simple and effective way to enforce the rules of social distancing within your organization.

Our suspended acrylic canvases and countertop screens reduce the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria such as coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our turnkey service ensures the continuity of your operations and creates a healthy and comfortable environment for your employees and customers throughout the year.


We offer four types of plexiglass models which can be standard or custom-made:

  • Hanging panels
  • Protective screens on surfaces (counters, desks, etc.)
  • Floor panels
  • Vehicle separators

Quick installation

  • Temporary or permanent
  • Installation service in certain regions of Quebec
  • Quick and easy installation kit

Provides extra protection, ideal for:

  • Heavy trucks, fleet vehicles, etc.
  • Administrative offices, garages, front desk, etc.
  • Stores, warehouses, grocery stores, etc.

Contact us for additional information or any other health and safety needs at 450-465-3100.

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