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Prime Digital Retail

The Road to Retail Success Begins with Omni-Channel Strategy  

SPI’s Prime Digital Retail Services offer retailers boutique consulting, design and implementation solutions to optimize their digital retail strategy and maximize omni-channel execution. To learn more, download the SPI Prime Digital Retail brochure.


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SPI brings a collaborative spirit to every project, partnering closely with clients to ensure goals and objectives are fully addressed.

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Our retail services experts use efficient coding practices to keep projects streamlined and ensure quick development of solutions

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Every SPI team member assigned to a project is just a phone call away, ensuring clients are never limited to a single point of contact.

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Our team can find just the right mix of process and personnel resources needed to meet your schedule and budget requirements.

Digital Retail Solutions

Flexible Content Management: Quickly address business needs with simple, comprehensive content management controls.

True Mobility: Transition from an eCommerce strategy and execution to a functional, relevant mCommerce environment.

International Expansion: Overcome challenges posed by the international marketplace, from language issues to platform compatibility and more.

Real-World Scalability: Prepare to accommodate changing data traffic and processing needs with optimized frameworks and accelerators.

Experience the Benefits of True Omni-Channel

SPI’s Prime Digital Retail services provide retailers with the power and flexibility to get sites on the market faster than their competition. Our open-source architecture makes adding and modifying features quick and easy, giving clients the agility to meet rapidly-changing demands. Our experts deliver tailored solutions for eCommerce/mCommerce Development, Software/Architecture Design and Testing, Infrastructure/Hardware Support Services, and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Fully customizable and developed to fit your specific needs
  • Robust, easy-to-use admin tools 
  • Enhanced security through role-based permissions
  • Fast, flexible page editing with virtually limitless content types
  • Access to a vast library of modules, from SEO to social networking and more

Services Offered

  • eCommerce Platform & Consulting
  • Mobile Commerce Development & Strategy
  • Digital Services including Design, IA, Software Development, Project Management & QA
  • Testing Services to support the Digital Software Development Methodologies
  • Infrastructure/Hardware to support Digital Retail

Acquia certified developers on staff


We Know Technology. We Know Retail.
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