Neos Voyager Overshoes with Foam Polyurethane Insulation

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  • Brand: Neos
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  • Height (inches): 11
  • Material: Nylon
  • Model Name: Voyager
These NEOS 11" overshoe with STABILicers is a reliable option for traction on ice and snow. The outsoles with 32 replaceable cleats, per pair, provides excellent traction in harsh weather conditions. They feature a nylon upper with a waterproof membrane. The Perma outsole ensures reliable traction in any weather conditions while offering a comfort rating of -19°C. These durable and lightweight overshoes also offer a wide opening for easy on-off.

-Made of extremely lightweight nylon or polyester
-Foam polyurethane insulation
-Polyurethane laminated film membrane
-100% waterproof and windproof
-Height of 11"
-Neos STABILicers outsoles for maximum traction and reduced risks of slipping and falling
-Compatible with orthotic devices or customized footwear
-Fits a wide variety of footwear
-Very easy to put on and to take off
-Very easy to disinfect the interior and the exterior of the boot
-Ankle strap
-Easy to use snug adjustment
-A very broad range of workers will be able to use NEOS overshoes
-Velcro closure
-Cleat wrench included with each pair
-Easy cleats replacement
-Keeps feet warm
-Durable with long service life