Neos Explorer Waterproof Winter Overshoes with StabiLacers Outsoles

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  • Brand: Neos
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  • Height (inches): 10
  • Material: Nylon
  • Model Name: Explorer
Designed to protect your footwear against snow, slush, and wet conditions, these NEOS 11" overshoes with STABILicer will keep your feet warm. The outsoles with 32 replaceable cleats, per pair, provides excellent traction. They also feature a nylon upper with a waterproof membrane. They offer a comfort rating of -20°C and feature a Perma outsole to ensure superior traction in harsh weather conditions. These durable and lightweight overshoes help prevent foot fatigue and also offer a wide opening for easy on-off.

-Made of extremely lightweight nylon or polyester
-Foam polyurethane insulation
-Keeps feet warm
-Polyurethane laminated film membrane
-Height of 10"
-100% waterproof and windproof
-Neos STABILicers outsoles for maximum traction and reduced risks of slipping and falling
-Compatible with orthotic devices or customized footwear
-Fits a wide variety of footwear
-Very easy to put on and to take off
-Very easy to disinfect the interior and the exterior of the boot
-Ankle strap
-Easy to use snug adjustment
-A very broad range of workers will be able to use NEOS overshoes
-Velcro closure
-Cleat wrench included with each pair
-Easy cleats replacement
-Durable with long service life