GasAlertQuattro Sampling Kit for Confined Spaces, CH4, O2, H2S and CO

$2,030.98 /
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): BW TECHNOLOGIES LP
  • Model Number Color: GDK410_02
  • Product Type: Multigas detector
  • Color: Black
  • Type of gas detected: H2S - Hydrogen sulfide, CO - Carbon monoxide, O2 - Oxygen, CH4 - Methane
  • Number of gases detected: 4
  • Series: GasAlert Quattro
  • Brand: Bw Technologies
Complete kit include:
GasAlertQuattro Multigas Detector with Rechargeable Battery
Manual suction kit
IR connectivity kit with USB adapter for data transfer
Cap and 0.3 m hose for calibration
0.5 LPM pressure regulator and calibration cylinder (2.5% CH4, 18% O2, 25 ppm H2S 100 ppm CO)
Sampling probe