RPB Z4 Welding and Grinding Respirator

Welding and grinding create dangerous work conditions that put welders at risk of exposure to gases, fumes, sparks, and UV radiation to the eyes and skin.

These are known to trigger short-term and long-term health implications, such as nausea, skin and eye irritation, and could ultimately put someone’s life at risk.

On the bright side, workers can eliminate or greatly reduce the level of hazardous gas and vapor by wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) such as:

  • Supplied-air respirator (SAR)
  • Powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR)
  • Welding/grinding respirator

While working long and hard hours, welders need ensured safety and lasting comfort. Designed to offer the best user experience possible, the Z4 welding helmet and PAPR system offers workers optimum vision, increased productivity, airflow adjustability, and comfort.

To design the Z4 and offer workers the best protection, RPB listened to welders’ needs.

What they found is an opportunity to improve the current offer and add technology to benefit workers through greater vision, comfort, and respiratory protection.

Let us introduce you to the lightest welding/grinding respirator: The RPB Z4 Safety Welding Helmet and Powered Air-Purifying Respirator System

SPI product number: RSY023

Optimum vision

One of the key design considerations for the Z4 was to ensure great vision quality and eye protection levels.

  • Built-in clear grinding visor with high-velocity impact protection.
  • Large viewing window offers an uncompromised field of view.
  • Large ADF lens boasts an optical quality rating of to protect against ultraviolet light, flash burn, and infrared light.
  • Advanced angular dependence control guarantees uniform shading and distortion-free vision.

Superior comfort

Designed with comfort as top priority, the RPB Z4 is a lightweight, ergonomically balanced respirator.

  • A multi-adjustment head suspension system allows the customization of the fit across the forehead, around the back of the head, and to the contours of the top of the head.
  • The weight is evenly distributed, which relieves pressure points.
  • Weighing only 1.77 lbs (805 g), the RBP Z4 is the lightest welding/grinding respirator in the world. 23% lighter than other brands, this helps alleviate aches and strains on the neck and shoulders.

Even more great features

  • Loose-fitting respirator: air supply is generated by a PAPR or SAR system that allows the worker to breathe normally. (No annual fit testing needed!)
  • Dual air distribution system: air is supplied to the headtop via the dual distribution system to prevent lens fog. This allows the circulation of the temperature inside the respirator by moving warm air and sweat away, cooling down its user.
  • Increased productivity: flip-up weld visor allows quick and easy transition between tasks such as welding or grinding.
  • Adjustable airflow: swivel airflow outlet allows the adjustment of airflow direction into your breathing zone.

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